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Philanthropic Support

Vector Marketing Philanthropic Support

Collegiate Champions

In honor of Vector Marketing Corporation's College Bowl Program, the company donates $170,000 annually in unrestricted gifts to the academic institutions our top performers attend. This program recognizes the vital role academia plays in the preparation of our work force and gives students the honor of securing a financial contribution to their school. The competition runs three times a year (coinciding with Vector Marketing’s three sales campaigns), and is open to sales representatives who are full-time students.

Vector Marketing All-American Scholarship Program

The Vector Marketing All-American Scholarship Program awards over $50,000 annually to 140 sales representatives throughout the US and Canada based on their performance. The donations, which go directly to the student, may be used for textbooks or other educational expenses. In addition, a gift of $1,000 goes to the institution attended by the number one performer in each of three campaigns. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time at the time of the award.

Professional and Collegiate Organizations

Vector Marketing Corporation supports numerous professional and collegiate organizations through endowments and annual contributions. These include*:

The Academy of Marketing Science
The Cutco/Vector Endowment for Excellence in Marketing Education

Purdue University
The Vector Marketing Endowment for Excellence in Sales Education

Pi Sigma Epsilon
The National, Professional Fraternity in Marketing, Sales Management and Selling Annual sponsorship of the national conference and Pro-Am Sell-a-thon Sales Competition

American Marketing Association
Annual sponsorship

National Conference in Sales Management
Annual sponsorship

*List is only a partial representation of current philanthropic endeavors.

Direct Selling Education Foundation

Vector Marketing Corporation is a proud support of the Direct Selling Education Foundation. The Direct Selling Education Foundation builds bridges of communication and understanding to encourage public awareness and acceptance of the direct selling industry with consumer advocates, university professors and students, entrepreneurs and community leaders in the United States and abroad. The leaders of the Direct Selling Association founded the Washington, D.C.-based, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization in 1973 to serve the public interest with education, information and research as a goodwill ambassador on behalf of the industry.